Breed Grooming Articles

The Plush Puppy range of grooming products is utilised within the following breed grooming articles with specific directions for those individual breeds to achieve a desirable outcome according to the breed standard.

Written and advised by people with many years of experience and success in the show ring, the articles aim to show not only the novice but the experienced groomer an outcome that is easily achieved with dedication to direction and regularity of maintenance.

Originally written by the late Cheryl LeCourt, who owned/bred dogs that collectively won over 400 BIS and bred many Australian and overseas Champions.

Don't forget that if you have an individual grooming question you can send it in to us here.  Sometimes we could take a few days to get back to you, depending on where our experts happen to be at the time as they are out there showing too and contact is dependent on sometimes getting wireless signal to their laptops.

Also don't forget to check our general grooming articles Breed Grooming Articles to see if there are some answers to grooming problems you've been experiencing. There is loads of information in that section as well to help you get the very best result.


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