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We have made it simple for you to find out what products in our Plush Puppy range are recommended for your breed.  We ae pleased to recommend the products that we feel will enhance your dog and help to give you that look you desire.

Our products are used by Top Showdogs Worldwide - and we have many years of experience in bringing out the best in our own dogs, and developing products that we know will help you bring out the best in your chosen breed.

We are pleased to be able to present our products for your breed - all you have to do is select your breed from the dropdown list below.

The products that you 'Must Have ' and 'Should Have' to achieve your desired look are listed for you, and you can readily add them to your online shopping cart, if you so desire.

We love to hear about how our products work for you - all feedback is appreciated.  And remember, if you need any advice on how to use the product, check out our Grooming Articles or send us an email.


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