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The secrets to a great coat
Posted on 24 Nov 2015

The never ending question of how do I get an amazing coat is the most common question we are constantly asked. For this the answer is easy, so easy that it seems to be forgotten my many.

Bath and dry your dog weekly, not just for a show. The reason is that you need to hydrate and look after the coat in order for it to look its ultimate best. Your dog’s coat is the result of the love and care that you give it. Bathing and drying weekly allows the coat to be in its best condition and for when you do go to a show.

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White as the Driven Snow
Posted on 16 May 2013

Balancing the need for a great show coat and the desire and sensibility of having a dog lead an active dog's life, is sometimes a dilemma for exhibitors.

I have seen exhibitors keep dogs in crates or boxes for most of the show career sitting up like little Budgies in a cage, let out for supervised periods to do the necessary. Sure they have great coats and no staining on elbows etc but others like to let the dog romp and frankly, I for one, am forever dreaming up kennel suituations and concoctions in my endeavours to balance my act!

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