Soft Slicker MINI

Price: $ 22.00


Little things make BIG things happen!

Introducing an all new Plush Brush …

Designed to perform the same as a regular Slicker, but take you places a regular slicker can’t!

The Soft Slicker MINI will untangle matted hair, remove dirt and abolish loose hair in hard-to-reach areas leaving a perfectly smooth finish to the coat.

Ergonomically designed to lessen strain on the groomer’s hands, the Soft Slicker MINI comprises a flexible rubber air-cushion base embedded with a perfect balance of 12mm stainless steel pins that penetrate through the coat without excessive pulling on the hair or scratching the skin. The Soft Slicker MINI ensures a gentler, more comfortable brushing experience for you and your dog.

Suitable for smaller dogs and cats or for hard-to-reach areas on all breeds ~ AVAILABLE NOW!

Brush head 90mm x 55mm.  Brush Handle 110mm x 24mm.